About Anime TCG.net

Why Shop Online at AnimeTCG.net?

Because we are an Online Shop and this is what we do. We are an online retailer for your beloved Trading Card Games. Our focus is to get you not only the best pricing but the best quality control, shipping and handling of your order. We make sure all products are checked individually and are sent in "pristine" or "near/mint condition". We do not accept returns. Rest assured all products are fresh out of cases from our distributors. 

Anime TCG.net Premium Shipping. ALL orders are insured. And any order that is more than $139.99 will require signature. These services are extra cost that AnimeTCG.net will pay for your behalf. You pay for the regular shipping, we pay for additional layers of protection for your order. 


Who we are?

Anime TCG.net is made up of a group of individuals that are long time and die hard fans of Japanese Animation and Trading Cards.

Our goal is to share our passion through this e-commerce platform to all ages and backgrounds.

We value integrity, quality and reliability. We strive to offer the best products, securely packaged and shipped to our clients at their original condition.

Thank you for being a part of our family. We are here for the love of anime and trading cards